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Colombia beats Mexico 2-1
Colombia beat Mexico 1-2 Saturday as an unexpected goal from Abel Aguilar helped the South American squad advance to the semifinals.

Colombia vs México
Aguilar was in Colombia's side on the field fighting for control of the ball with Gerardo Galindo when he kicked in it the Mexico's direction. The ball took a lucky bounce and ended up inside Mexico's unprotected goal.

Nobody expected the kick to go in, so the Mexican defense was caught off guard and goalkeeper Moises Muñoz was too far away from the goal to prevent his team's elimination

Jaime Castrillon put Colombia ahead 1-0 in the 59th minute, but Gerardo Galindo tied the game up in the 65th minute, setting up the stage for Aguilar's feat.

Mexico, the favorite squad going into the tournament, was eliminated even though it played well during the first round with wins over rivals Guatemala and Jamaica and a loss against South Africa.

Colombia, for its part, looked much improved over the sluggish and indecisive play it showed during the first round of the tournament.

The team took control of the game early, showing discipline and cohesion and neutralizing Mexico's speedy forwards

Forward Tressor Moreno took charge of the offense, setting up a couple of quality scoring chances, although the rest of his team was unable to capitalize on his advances.

Mexico reacted about 20 minutes into the match and managed to slow down Colombia's offense, although Moreno continued to threaten the Mexican goal.

Both teams looked quite even going into the second half, but a tough defensive scheme helped Colombia take charge by wreaking havoc on Mexico's midfield play.

Castrillon's goal energized the Mexican squad and forced Lavolpe to make two more substitutions, which eventually culminated with Galindo's tying goal, even though that joy would be short lived due to Aguilar's highlight score.


1-Mexico: Moises Muñoz, Francisco Rodriguez, Carlos Salcido, Ricardo Osorio, Mario Mendez (Bravo, 61st minute), Gonzalo Pineda, Antonio Naelson (Padilla, 64th minute), Luis Perez, Gerardo Galindo, Alberto Medina and Rafael Marquez Lugo (Altamirano, 33rd minute). Coach: Ricardo Lavolpe.

Miller Light Man of the Match: Tressor Moreno, Colombia.

2-Colombia: Farid Ali Mondragon, Yulian Anchico, Oscar Enrique Passo, Humberto Mendoza, Jose Julian de la Cuesta; Jairo Patiño (Ramirez, 90th minute), Jaime Castrillon, Abel Aguilar, Juan Fernando Leal (Hurtado, 72nd minute), Wason Liberado Renteria (Arzuaga, 72nd minute) and Tressor Moreno. Coach: Reinaldo Rueda.

Goals: 0-1: 59th minute, Jaime Castrillon; 1-1: 65th minute, Gerardo Galindo; 1-2: 75th minute, Abel Aguilar.

Referee Rodolfo Sibrian issued yellow cards to Gerardo Galindo (28th minute), Antonio Nelson (62nd minute), Luis Perez (79th minute) and Alberto Medina (83rd and 89th minutes) of Mexico and to Jairo Patiño (23rd minute), Tressor Moreno (37th minute), Julian Anchico (43rd minute), Jaime Castrillon (55th minute) and Hector Hurtado (88th minute) of Colombia.

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